Will Truck Companies Like Fedex Seek To Avoid Liability After An Accident?

October 3, 2023 Video

Truck companies like FedEx seek to avoid liability after a collision. They’re going to do everything they can to avoid responsibility. They’re not even going to contact you. Generally after the incident, until you make an affirmative action to tell them that you’re pursuing the claim and they’re going to hire the best lawyers they can find, they’re going to do everything they can to find defenses and avoid liability. FexEx will seek to pass off responsibility to anyone else they can blame and limit damages as much as possible while they’re delaying the case. From your standpoint, you need to be patient, get your life together and do everything you can to have a whole life after this tragedy. Leave your legal problems to good lawyers. We’re here to help you. In fact, I’ve handled the largest FedEx case in the history of that company with a judgment over $370 million. The initial consultation is free. Call us today on 1.855.SUE.FEDX.