What to Do After an Accident With a FedEx Truck

FedEx, one of the largest delivery companies in the U.S., mandates rigorous safety training for its drivers. Still, FedEx drivers are sometimes responsible for accidents, which involve a high risk of catastrophic injury or death due to the size of FedEx vehicles.

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What to Do After a FedEx Truck Accident

Immediately following an accident, seeking urgent medical care should be your priority. If the first responders who arrive on the scene determine that you must ride in an ambulance to the hospital right away, do that. Schedule a detailed medical check-up with your doctor, even if you don’t think your injuries are very serious. Some injuries, like TBI (traumatic brain injuries), may have delayed symptoms.

You should also:

  • Report the accident to the police and, unless treating your injuries takes precedence, stay on the scene until the police officers arrive to assess the accident.
  • Ask the FedEx driver who was involved in your accident for their license number and insurance information.
  • Take multiple photos and videos of the accident scene from different angles.
  • Write down the contact details of any witnesses who are present on the scene.
  • Save any relevant documentation, including accident-related medical records, a copy of the police report, and your own detailed written record of the accident.

Do I Need to Notify My Insurer After a FedEx Truck Hit Me?

Your insurance policy probably stipulates that you must notify your insurer of any accident within a reasonable timeframe (often 24 hours). So you should definitely let your insurance carrier know of the accident, but we recommend sticking to the basic facts until you talk to a personal injury lawyer.

Do not accept any settlement offer before a lawyer evaluates your claim and lets you know how much you may reasonably expect to collect.

Who Is Responsible for Your FedEx Crash?

If the at-fault driver is a FedEx employee, FedEx will most likely carry responsibility for your accident and address your claim. However, if the FedEx delivery driver was an independent contractor, they may have their own insurance coverage that could apply.

In some cases, the law may hold a third party liable for the accident. For example, if the accident happened because of a faulty automotive part, you may decide to sue the manufacturer.

Compensation Available After a FedEx Accident

Many accident victims ask, “What type of compensation am I entitled to if a FedEx truck hit me?” While each FedEx accident claim is different, victims often qualify for compensation for:

Economic damages:

  • Medical costs, including hospitalization, rehabilitation, prescription drugs, and medical equipment
  • Lost wages, both past and prospective
  • Loss of earning capacity in case the accident harmed your ability to pursue your previous employment

Non-economic damages:

  • Loss of enjoyment, if you can no longer engage in certain activities that were important to you because of the accident,
  • Pain and suffering, up to a certain threshold, depending on the state you live in

If the accident caused fatal injuries, the victim’s family may also collect wrongful death compensation, which includes funeral costs, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering.

Why You Need an Experienced FedEx Accident Lawyer

Even if your accident case seems straightforward, FedEx truck accident claims can be complicated. FedEx is a corporate giant with vast legal resources. Your FedEx claim may be even more complex if the at-fault driver was an independent contractor or if several parties were responsible for the accident.

Working with the right FedEx truck accident lawyer will give you a better chance of bringing your claim to a swift, successful resolution. At Scherr Law, we know how to handle the unique challenges of FedEx accident claims. Our personal injury attorneys can:

  • Assess your case and identify the responsible party or parties
  • Help you source and present relevant documentation related to your accident
  • Handle all communication with FedEx, your insurer, and any other relevant parties
  • Take care of your entire claim process from start to finish
  • Appeal a denied claim or a lowball settlement offer and/or represent you in court

Scherr Law: We Fight for Your Rights After a FedEx Accident

If a FedEx driver hit your car, you may be dealing with serious and lasting injuries, reduced ability to work, and staggering medical bills. While pursuing legal action against a large company like FedEx may seem overwhelming, we at Scherr Law will handle your claim process and defend your rights.

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