Why Scherr Law for your FedEx Crash

Collisions with large trucks can be dangerous.  People can be killed, severely injured, or suffer traumatic experiences. FedEx is one of the nation’s largest delivery systems, with thousands of trucks and drivers operating daily. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Safer.fmcsa.dot.gov site (April 15, 2023), in the last 24 months alone, FedEx trucks were involved in 2812 reported crashes causing 906  injuries and 84 fatalities.

Recovering your damages caused by a FedEx crash requires many complex steps, including filing a lawsuit proving FedEx’s negligence, legal responsibility and determining insurance coverage. You may be eligible to recover, depending on the details of your case.

If you were injured or a loved one killed in a FedEx crash, you may be entitled to seek compensation. At Scherr Law, we have years of experience in lawsuits for victims of FedEx crashes.  If you want an experienced FedEx truck accident lawyer, Contact Scherr Law today at 1-855-SUE-FEDX to discuss your FedEx accident case.



Subject: Re: Marion LaNey v. Fed Ex
Allow me to say that my hat’s off to you and Maxey for the legal expertise you both exhibited in dealing with an extremely adversarial and contrary defendant, whose wayward conduct was at the heart of this potentially dangerous situation. With your guidance and insight, we were able to achieve a reasonable concordance despite the oppositional stance of FEDEX and their adherents. In the controversies of our times, unraveling relevance is tantamount to scaling Mt. Everest. Yet despite the ploys of clever and resourceful opponents my case was handled fairly and with aplomb.
Thank you.