When Can You File A Wrongful Death Claim After A FedEx Truck Accident?

November 14, 2023 Video

Clients ask “When can I file a wrongful death claim against FedEx for a FedEx truck accident?” My answer is to file as soon as you possibly can. FedEx will fight the case. It’s going to be delayed. When you file a lawsuit, preservation of evidence rules come into play so that you don’t lose important things like surveillance videos, identifying witnesses, and preserving documents that seem to just disappear over time. And from your standpoint, you’re going to be in a lawsuit that’s going to take a long time anyways; the sooner you get the lawsuit going, the sooner it’s going to come to justice. I’ve handled over 300 jury trials in my life and handled thousands of lawsuits, and I like trying to get the lawsuits brought as soon as we possibly can.

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