What Sets Our Law Firm Apart From Other FedEx Lawyers

January 2, 2024 Video

People often wonder what sets our law firm apart from other FedEx lawyers. First, to the best of my knowledge, there are no other FedEx lawyers who represent themselves as experts with our level of experience in FedEx cases. Second, why do we have this experience? Because I’ve been handling FedEx cases and trying them since the 1980s in various jurisdictions across the country, from California to New Mexico and beyond. Third, we have achieved the largest jury verdict against FedEx in the history of their company. We took the case all the way to the highest court. FedEx initially stated they would never pay it and intended to appeal. However, when they lost in the Supreme Court of New Mexico, they ended up paying the highest amount they’ve ever paid – a total of $370 million. We are committed to delivering results for you. Your initial consultation is free.

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