What Mistakes Should I Avoid After Being Injured In A FedEx Truck Accident?

December 26, 2023 Video

Clients constantly ask what mistakes should I avoid when being involved in a FedEx collision or a FedEx truck accident. Here are the common mistakes to avoid:
– Follow your doctor’s advice. Your doctor becomes your best expert to explain the damages and suffering you’ve had in the collision.
– Keep a diary. Your lawsuit is going to take years to get resolved. Why? – Because FedEx is going to fight every step of the way. Having the diary will help you remember what happened years back.
– Move forward with your life. Try to recover as best as you can. Don’t change your life because of some lawsuit. We’ll never recover back the money for the value of life and impairment you’ve suffered.
– Be consistent in your life just in case FedEx puts an investigator with a camera out videotaping you at your home because that can happen.

Our law firm handles cases against FedEx. I’ve been handling them since 1980, tried many cases against FedEx, including the largest verdict they’ve ever had against them, which they ended up paying after appealing it to the highest court they could. We’re here to help you.

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