What Are The Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing The Right FedEx Truck Accident Attorney For Your Case?

October 24, 2023 Video

What are the questions you should ask before selecting an attorney to represent you in a FedEx truck accident case?

How many cases have you tried against FedEx?
How many cases have you worked all the way up to trial against FedEx?
How many jury trials have you tried against a trucking company?
What are the largest verdicts that you’ve had?
What resources does your law firm have to fight a company like FedEx?

Those are important questions to ask, and you need the right answers. I’ve tried FedEx cases since the 1980s. I’ve had the largest verdict against FedEx in the history of their company, and they fought it all the way to the highest court. They paid our clients over $370 million. I’ve tried over 300 jury trials in my career for the last 47 years.

That’s what we do. We handle FedEx cases. We deliver results.
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