What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fedex Truck Accident Settlements Vs. Trials?

November 10, 2023 Video

One of our potential clients contacted us and asked about the pros and cons of settlements versus trials for a FedEx truck case from your standpoint. We understand. You want to get fully compensated for the damages you suffered, and you want to have that money paid to you as soon as possible. But recognize, on the other side, that FedEx doesn’t want to pay you anything; they want to fight you. They want to pass off responsibility. Do you think they’re going to try to settle in your case quickly for fair compensation? We look at your case and what you have suffered, and we work to make sure you’re fully compensated for your damages.

We work up the case to determine liability and show how FedEx is at fault and ensure you’re fully compensated for your medical expenses, your loss of earning capacity, your impairment, and the pain and suffering that you’ve experienced. Your initial consultation is free.

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