Scherr Law Comes to the Aid of Mom and Her Children in Tragic 18-Wheeler Collision

November 7, 2023 Video

Jim Scherr’s client was involved in a tragic collision with an 18-wheeler. The truck crushed her against the side of her car and popped all four tires. Her two boys were also hurt.

“Scherr Law was amazing. They represented me and got me the results I deserved. My case went by really fast, and they helped me a lot. He called me every week or month to update me on my case, and I never had to worry about anything. It was super easy. I’m so grateful to have met Scott. He helped me not only with the loss and everything else, but also with my medical bills and my kids. We’re doing so much better now, and I appreciate everything he did for me.” If you or a loved one is involved in a tragic, catastrophic, or wrongful death accident involving a  tractor-trailer or a FedEx vehicle, contact the attorneys at James Scherr Law for a complimentary consultation at 1.855.SUE.FEDX.