Pennsylvania Truck Crash Kills Infant and Ohio Family

April 3, 2024 Firm News

A devastating collision involving a tractor-trailer claimed the lives of five individuals, including an infant in Pennsylvania, leaving an Ohio community in mourning and authorities piecing together the tragic events.

State police disclosed that all five victims were traveling together in a car when the accident occurred in Fayette County on March 26, 2024. The incident, which occurred on Route 40 in Wharton Township, Farmington, around 2 p.m., prompted a comprehensive investigation as emergency responders rushed to the scene.

The impact was severe, resulting in the deaths of five individuals, including a seven-month-old infant, as confirmed by state police. The collision involved two vehicles and a tractor-trailer.

Those who died were from the Delaware, Ohio area. All of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Harold Nibert, aged 55, Bradley Thivener, aged 47, Krystal May, aged 36, Amanda Dawson, aged 33, and seven-month-old Kullen Dawson were identified as the victims according to official reports.

 The investigation into the accident was immediately initiated, with collision analysts and reconstruction specialists examining the scene to understand the sequence of events leading to the tragic outcome. While investigation is on going for fault of the drivers in the collision, passengers including the infant child probably have no fault. 

 Preservation of the evidence, downloading of the black box for all vehicles, and any on board video will be helpful to discern liability of those at fault in causing this tragedy.  Retaining competent, experienced Truck accident attorneys should be considered immediately for the benefit of the victims.  Insurance investigators generally move quickly to defend the interests of their insureds. 

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