Is It Possible To Sue FedEx Directly For A Severe Truck Accident, And When Is It Applicable?

December 12, 2023 Video

Is it possible to sue FedEx directly for a FedEx truck accident? And when can you do that? FedEx will do everything in their power to try to pass the blame off to the driver in the collision. They’ll try to blame the contractor that they hire to do the delivery, and they’ll try to say it’s everybody else’s fault. It is important from the inception to sue FedEx and to understand the FedEx system, to understand how they contract and operate, and to navigate through the FedEx business model to show how they are liable for causing what happened in the collision that affected your life. I’ve handled FedEx cases since the 1980s. I’ve gone to trial against FedEx on multiple cases, including the largest verdict against FedEx in their history, which they ended up paying as a final judgment over $370 million to our clients. We’re here to help you. We care about you. The initial consultation is free.
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