James Scherr Wins $4.4 Million Jury Verdict in Trench Collapse Case

March 6, 2014 Results

A near-death experience for construction worker Oscar Avalos resulted in a $4.4 million verdict as a result of a dangerous trench collapse in a case where Avalos was represented by attorney Jim Scherr. Avalos was unconscious for 10 days but woke up out of a coma and began rehabilitation. After the verdict, Avalos was quoted as saying “I think justice was served. I want to thank my attorneys who helped me when nobody else would help me.”

The $4.4 million verdict awarded to Avalos following the dangerous trench collapse. Trench collapses are a common hazard in the construction industry and can be fatal if proper safety measures are not taken.

In this case, Mr. Avalos survived the accident, but he was left with severe injuries that made it impossible for him to go back to work. He was unconscious for 10 days and was in a coma at the hospital following the incident. The jury ruled in favor of Avalos. Scherr proved the Nowak Construction Co. Inc. did not provide a safe work environment. The news was covered on TV and in the El Paso Times. Here’s an excerpt from the newspaper:

“Oscar Avalos won a $4.4 million jury verdict, but that hasn’t taken away the injuries from a trench collapse that could have killed him. Avalos is the El Paso construction worker who survived after thousands of pounds of dirt and metal plates fell atop him at an Upper Valley job site in 2006,” writes Daniel Borunda in the El Paso Times.